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Why Join Our Team?

“…When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
― Paulo Coelho

Read what our employees are saying about their experience working with the team at Careteam Senior Care.

Careteam is a company that cares about clients and caregivers. I know that I can call the office staff at any time if I have a concern or an issue that I need help with.

Jessica L.

I always highly recommend Careteam. I appreciate all the time and attention you put into making caregivers feel welcome.

Daniel H.

Careteam is so helpful with scheduling needs and opportunities. They try really hard to give me the hours I need. Office staff is very understanding and a pleasure to work with!

Molly S.

My experience at Careteam has been so different from previous companies I have worked for. The staff is so kind and patient. I enjoy the flexibility Careteam offers me, especially because I have two children at home and also care for my mother. I always highly recommend your company.

Lori L.

Careteam is a very professional company. I appreciate the different ways of communication.

James P.

The staff is very well trained, gracious, works well with my schedule and tries to accommodate time off and emergencies.  I am proud to be a caregiver for Careteam.

Kelly R.

When I first met Michelle, I was working with another company.  I liked the spirit of the Careteam. I knew at that moment that I would eventually work for Careteam and I did.  I love it here!

Linda P.

In 9 years of being a Caregiver, I have worked for quite a few agencies, but I have never felt as appreciated as I do at Careteam.

Flora N.

Being a caregiver for Careteam is so rewarding. Compassion and caring comes from the top down. I love that the staff has high expectations and standards for the caregivers. Clients come first, and caregivers are greatly appreciated.


I love being a caregiver because I love helping people who may otherwise have no one to help them. At the end of the day, I know I have made a difference in someone’s life.

Emily J.

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